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We will tailer our plan to your specific situation and goals.

Life Events: Behind on your mortgage payments, received a notice to foreclose, negotiating a short sale, home auction, loan modification

The Help You Need
If you are in a distressed housing situation, such as going through a foreclosure, or even if you anticipate financial difficulties on the horizon and fear you may lose your home, Oreste Law can help.

Everything we do is tailored to your situation and goals. Each client receives a free consultation and a personal recommendation on the proper defense to enforce your rights. It is important to remember that YOU ARE NOT HELPLESS!

We have one goal – to hear your story and provide you with the legal backing to help you achieve the best-case result. At Oreste law, we look at each case individually to find leverage we can use to help you avoid foreclosure even in the last hour. From the early stages of foreclosure, to the last-minute restraining order, to having unlawful foreclosures rescinded, we put our real estate legal expertise to work for our clients.

Many property owners may think they have no legal recourse when facing foreclosure proceedings. This could not be further from the truth.

There are a number of strategies that can be used to prevent foreclosure, including the following:

-Postponing foreclosure auctions
-Restraining Orders and Injunctions against banks
-Challenging bank foreclosures and rescinding unlawful foreclosures
-Predatory lending violation defense
-Review of documents for statutory violations
-Mortgage Reinstatements
-Principal reductions
-Loan Modification
-Short Sales and Deeds in Lieu
-Balance Settlement and Negotiations
-Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcies

Why Use a Massachusetts Lawyer for Foreclosure and Loan Modification?
“Foreclosure rescue” and “loan mod” services simply don’t have the leverage, experience, or knowledge to provide you with the best options and results. When your bank is no longer negotiating or you have been put into a trial modification indefinitely, these companies have no leverage to legally enforce your rights.

- Only a Massachusetts lawyer can sue the bank to stop foreclosure and uphold your modification rights

- Only a Massachusetts lawyer is regulated by the Commonwealth and can be held to ethical standards

- Only a lawyer speaks the language that the mortgage company lawyers speak

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